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Coka tea!

Door: Evelien

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16 Februari 2008 | Bolivia, La Paz

Hi everyone,
Here's another quick update, I don't think I will keep up this pace of two a day but we'll see. The hostel is really nice, and the people are great too.When I woke up after a nap thios afternoon I was really feeling the infamous altitude sickness. So someone gave me some pills, and another person got me some coka tea, and now I am doing much better. Coka tea is really nice, it tastes a bit like brandnetelthee and it is supposed to be a remedy against just about everything. Maybe by next week I will be chewing coka like the Bolivians do! Today was kind of a lost day, I have hardly been out of the hostel. But hopefully tomorrow I can explore the town and upload some pictures!

  • 17 Februari 2008 - 13:36


    Hmm, take it easy with the coke :-)
    Tell us your schedule tomorrow? How will you commute to the language school? On foot or packed in a minibus?? We did some work in the garden here in Zeist, the weather is real nice here in NL. What is it like up there? Ciao, J.

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Welcome to my blog! Welkom op mijn blog! Because my non-Dutch IDS classmates and friends should be able to read this too, this blog will be in English. Hope no one minds. Kisses, Evelien

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