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26 Mei 2008 | Bolivia, Cobija

Its has been awhile since my last message, so of course a lot has happened! I have been very busy with my research of course. Just three majors to go, one of which I hope to interview this afternoon (you never know). I have interviewed all but one NGO in Cobija and I have visited comunities in eight different municipalities (out of 15). These visits are very hard to plan, so I am happy to have visited this many. I will visit another one this afternoon. I am now in Riberalta, a town in another department on the eastern border of Pando (Cobija is all the way in the west). Here there are two NGOs that also work in Pando, many Brazil nut and timber factories that get most of their primary products from Pando, and the acces to the municipalities in the east of Pando is easier, so I will be staying here for a few days. The bus ride here was amazing, it was 11 hours from 5.30 am till 4.30 pm but it was beautiful. We went straight through the amazon forest, passed many small communities, crossed four rivers by ponton... On the way back I am taking a plane though (just 1 hour) because time is running out, and also because I am told that it is also really nice to see Pando from above. The rains have gone so the sky is cloudless nearly all the time. I just have three weeks left! The 14th of june my parents are coming to Cobija and we will be travelling through bolivia untill the 26th. Friday the 27th of june I will be back at Schiphol! For those who are interested to know, I will publish the filght details soon. See you all in just a month!!! Hugs and Kisses!!!!

  • 28 Mei 2008 - 20:51


    Ja, je terugkeer komt al in zicht! Ik heb nog steeds tweederde fles Coebergh staan ;-)

  • 31 Mei 2008 - 13:46


    Nadat je bij Lodewijck je jezelf aan de Coebergh tegoed hebt gedaan, gaan wij (met Maal erbij natuurlijk) Leeds onveilig maken ;)!!!

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Welcome to my blog! Welkom op mijn blog! Because my non-Dutch IDS classmates and friends should be able to read this too, this blog will be in English. Hope no one minds. Kisses, Evelien

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