The political situation in Bolivia - Reisverslag uit Cobija, Bolivia van Evelien Driessen - The political situation in Bolivia - Reisverslag uit Cobija, Bolivia van Evelien Driessen -

The political situation in Bolivia

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02 Juni 2008 | Bolivia, Cobija

I have been getting some worried e-mails from you guys, asking about how safe Bolivia is right now. Apparently there have been some reports saying that Bolivia is on the brink of civil war, that there are mayor riots here, etc. In reality it is not that serious (yet). Some of the departments (including Pando, where I live) are rising up against the central government of Evo Morales because they want more control over their natural resources. They want more autonomy for their departments and less involvement of the state (this is a very, very basic explaination. Unfortunately this separation is not only fought along departamental but also along economic and racial lines, the indegenous population being poor and the traditional white elite being rich, which complicates the matter). Yesterday there was a referendum here to see if the people want this autonomy or not, even though this referendum is illegal by national law, 85% voted for autonomy. But also 45% stayed home in protest. So Pando (and Bolivia) is really divided right now and it MAY turn into violence, but the chance that this will happen is not big, and if it does, it will not happen here in Cobija, because nothing ever happens here in Cobija :-) And if it does, I live one minute away from the bridge to Brazil :-) In august there will be a referendum to see if people want Evo Morales to stay on as president, so if the proverbal shit does hit the fan it will probably be when I am safe and sound in Utrecht. If you have any more questions just check the internet for the latest news (just don´t believe everything they write) or e-mail me! I am fine! I am not about to be attacked by an angry mob of gringo-haters! Thank you so much for your concern though!

  • 05 Juni 2008 - 12:07


    Heej meis!
    Dus het referendum is rustig verlopen, nou gelukkig maar! met mij alles goed, mijn oog ziet er al bijna normaal uit (Nog beetje geel), zie alleen nog erg wazig en dat kan nog wel een paar maanden duren :-( Succes nog even en geef maar een extra aai (voorzichtig!) aan Mocky. liefs!

  • 05 Juni 2008 - 17:38



    Nou, ik wist eigenlijk van niets, maar als ik je tekst lees en die combineer met mijn eigen kennis van zaken denk ik ook dat het zo'n vaart niet zal lopen... Kom je binnenkort nog met je vluchtgegevens? Tot over drie weken!

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